The number of downloads from the MVAPICH site has crossed a quarter million (250,000). The MVAPICH team would like to thank all its users and organizations!!

Welcome to the MVAPICH User Group (MUG) meeting. The MUG meeting provides an open forum for all attendees (users, system administrators, researchers, engineers, and students) to discuss and share their knowledge on using MVAPICH2, MVAPICH2-X, MVAPICH2-GDR and MVAPICH2-MIC on large-scale systems and for a diverse set of applications.

The event includes a set of talks from experts in the field, presentations from the MVAPICH2 team on tuning and optimization strategies for various components, trouble shooting guidelines, contributed presentations, an open mic session, and an interactive/hands-on session with the MVAPICH2 developers in a one-to-one manner to discuss issues and problems.

Speakers (Confirmed so far):

  • Keynote: Dale Southard (NVIDIA Corporation)
    • The Accelerated Road to Exascale
  • Keynote: Karl Schulz (Intel)
    • Technology Trends in High Performance Computing
  • Mehmet Belgin (Georgia Institute of Technology)
    • Enabling Science and Discovery at Georgia Tech with MVAPICH2
  • R. Glenn Brook (Joint Institute for Computational Sciences, Univ. of Tennessee)
    • MVAPICH2-MIC on Beacon: Exploring Performance on a Cluster with Four Coprocessors per Node
  • Gene Cooperman (Northeastern University)
    • Transparent Checkpoint-Restart: Re-Thinking the HPC Environment
  • Antonio Gomez-Iglesias (Texas Advanced Computing Center)
    • Using OpenSHMEM with MVAPICH2-X
  • Jens Glaser (Univ. of Michigan)
    • How Parallelism Helps Computational Physics Discovery
  • Martin Hilgeman (Dell)
    • Performance Tuning and Energy Savings Study with MVAPICH2
  • Patrick Legresley (Baidu)
    • PC Approaches to Training Neural Networks in Deep Learning
  • James Lewis (Systap)
    • Using MVAPICH for Multi-GPU Data Parallel Graph Analytics
  • Adam Moody (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
    • Faster, Bigger, Better Science with MVAPICH
  • Gilad Shainer (Mellanox)
    • Paving the Road to Exascale
  • Sayantan Sur (Intel)
    • MVAPICH2 on Intel Omni-Path Architecture
  • Mahidhar Tatineni (San Diego Supercomputer Center)
    • Performance of Scientific Applications on the New Comet HPC Machine Utilizing MVAPICH2
  • Abhinav Vishnu (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
    • Building `Cool` MVAPICH2
    • A case of High Performance MVAPICH2 for Machine Learning Toolkit on Extreme Scale (MaTEx)


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